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Empower Everyone to Work Wiser with New ActivTrak Premium

With hybrid work here to stay and digital transformation continuing to accelerate, ActivTrak Premium can help you engage employees, cultivate healthier work habits and promote a culture of continuous improvement that empowers you to set big goals and achieve them. Everyone in the company benefits from Premium insights. Employees work wiser by understanding where they spend their time, managers gain meaningful data that allows them to be exceptional coaches, operations teams improve processes, HR can work with managers to ensure everyone is engaged and not on the verge of burnout, executives can track the health of their organization while creating an employee-first culture that sets team members up for success. Our new dashboards allow you to quickly spot patterns that lead to success and answer questions like:

Are team members able to focus?
Who is most at-risk of burnout?
What tools are helping or hindering productivity?
Are newly implemented strategies to improve work/life balance helping?


1. Optimize your workday with insights around productivity and focus time
With ActivTrak, you can easily understand if your team has healthy work habits that provide enough focus time for creative thinking, problem solving and development. See how long teams are able to stay focused, view total work hours vs productive hours, track productive and focused time vs team goals, compare team efficiency to an organization’s average.

2. Understand top workplace distractions with the Work Efficiency Report
According to a recent PwC survey, businesses lose $600 billion a year to workplace distractions. ActivTrak Premium helps you to understand which apps and sites affect productivity and view where time is spent to highlight unnecessary distractions and attention shifts created by inefficient workflows.

3. Manage burnout risk with the Workload Balance Report
Studies show that companies that help teams avoid burnout are more likely to outperform their competition, retain top performers and attract new talent. We created the Workload Balance Report so you can view work habits across teams to identify those that work long hours and off-hours on a consistent basis, set utilization thresholds and see how settings impact team classification (overutilized, healthy, underutilized); helping you help others rebalance their time.

4. Get visibility into technology usage & adoption with the Technology Usage Report
With application sprawl at an all time high, keeping track of apps usage, especially SaaS, can be time consuming, hard to maintain, prone to inaccuracies and costly. According to a 2020 SaaS trends report, a typical company uses 137 unique SaaS apps and wastes over $135,000 annually on unused. You can solve this with ActivTrak Premium by viewing which technologies are utilized and measuring adoption changes across teams. Using our Technology Usage Report, you can also identify frequency of use and duration across top apps/sites and analyze their adoption trends by clicking and drilling down for details.

5. Enable employees to self-manage with Personal Productivity Insights
Empower employees to optimize their productivity while maintaining healthy work habits. ActivTrak Premium now provides insights into personal work habits so employees can access their own data to understand what hinders or enables their own productivity, focus and well-being, compare activity habits to team goals and trends, view focus time vs attention shift time, evaluate the apps/sites most involved in attention shifts, leverage guidance from our Productivity Lab experts on how to maintain work balance and wellness.

6. Easily share insights across your organization with Scheduled Email Delivery
Provide the tools to help employees design their day and develop critical skills for personal development. Users can self-subscribe to any Premium Insights Dashboard to receive a snapshot of their activity via email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. These personal insights can also be shared with direct reports or team members as a way to collaborate on how to replicate success patterns and further develop work habits.

7. Set Baselines and Measure Success with Benchmarks & Goals
Use historic benchmarks to set and track future goals across teams, view benchmarks and trends for productivity and focus across a team’s top quartile, view daily trends to understand how productivity and focus have changed in the previous 12 weeks.


This is just the beginning for ActivTrak Premium. Our roadmap includes plans to share more capabilities with new ActivConnect Premium starter templates, enhanced coaching opportunities for managers and the introduction of a new Personal Achievements Dashboard to add gamification and friendly competition. See ActivTrak Premium in action, request a trial at

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